The first remarkable activity of GAAM was undertaken in 2002.

GAAM has annual meeting which is supported by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and German Embassy in Myanmar.

The objectives of the annual meeting

to give opportunity to share the knowledge that the participants have acquired from their respective discipline and work within Myanmar after coming back from the study in Germany

to provide a chance for the exchange of ideas and experience to further upgrading of educational, political, economical, social and environmental aspects, and

to get motivation for sustainable development  in Myanmar encouraging the change transformation process of Myanmar

The research papers from various disciplines are invited to present in the GAAM alumni meeting, which is held during last quarter of a year.  The papers are concerned with different disciplines such as agriculture, economy, engineering, forestry, arts and science and more, and thus the meeting gave a chance to exchange the knowledge and ideas for the future development of all sectors towards sustainable development of Myanmar.

2107 Alumni Meeting

2018 Alumni Meeting

2019 Alumni Meeting