German Alumni Association Myanmar (GAAM) is an organization which includes the people who studied in Germany and now they are working in Myanmar in various sectors.  Most of the alumni are former DAAD (Deutscher Academischer Austausch Dienst – German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship holders.

GAAM started in 2000 by some people who studied in Germany.  In 2002 GAAM was well organized and established, which was supported by DAAD and German Embassy in Myanmar.  The first remarkable activity of GAAM was undertaken in 2002, where GAAM supported to hold a regional conference which was supported by DAAD in collaboration with Ministry of Education of Myanmar and German Embassy in Myanmar. 

The DAAD alumni members are working in various sectors both in government ministries and civil societies and private sectors.  It is difficult to meet and share the experience and ideas with respect to development process of Myanmar.  It needs cooperation and coherence among the people from government sectors, private sectors, NGOs and civil societies, where DAAD alumni people are working to meet the sustainable development goal.  To achieve the country’s efforts on sustainable development, qualified human resources of different disciplines are vital for implementation at various sectors within Myanmar.


Meeting Topic: “Education and Sustainable Development”
GAAM alumni meeting 2019 will be held on 8-9 November 2019 tentatively.
The opening dinner will be on 8 November evening 2019.
GAAM would like to encourage all alumni to send power point presentation topics to the following email address.
Contact: Dr. Win Maung
Email Subject: Presentation for 2019 GAMM Alumni Meeting

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The GAAM is established to make networking among the people who come back from Germany after their study and now they are contributing to the development of the country. 


To create a platform, where alumni can share their knowledge and experience in contributing towards further development of the country in all aspects

To support young generation by providing information and necessary assistance relating to the education and scholarship programmes in Germany

To assist in education sector, and exchange programme between Myanmar and Germany